Tell me what you dream at night while you’re sleeping…

Since I had to suffer, all you of you may as well too.

I’ve had this same dream twice now – well, not the same dream, but a similar one. The first time was months and months ago, don’t remeber exactly when. It always takes place in the same house, and that first time I seemed to be there on a vacation of some sort with my then boyfriend and his grandparents.  I couldn’t quite feel comfortable there; something felt wrong or off somehow, but I didn’t know how, and no one else seemed able to feel it. It all centred around the long, upstairs hallway. There was a staircase that led up from the main floor onto the second floor, and opened onto a long hallway that contained two or three bedrooms and the bathroom. The bedroom I was staying in was the very first on the hallyway, so unless I never had much cause to venture all the way down it. I remember standing at that hallway when we first got there and feeling vague unease…then stadning at the end of that hallway a day or so later and feeling a strong but controllable urge to run…and finally, a day or so after that, I walked out of my room, glanced down the hallway, and was gripped with nothing short of heart-squeezing, stomach-twisting terror. I couldn’t breathe, much less run, for several minutes. When I did manage to break away, I tracked down Dennis and dragged him up there, to see if he coulnd’t at least feel something. He admitted he did feel a little uneasy for no good reason when looking down that hallway and I think my panic was enough to tell him we needed to get out of there, so we tried to find his grandparents and convince them we had to leave. Their bedroom as the second one down that hallway. Not. A fun. Trip. When we reached them, I was terrified, Dennis was worried, and they were..happy and smiling. And packing. Luckily, they’d already decided to head home. I never did see what was in that house, but I felt we’d left just in time.

Ok. Now that you’re caught up, here’s the dream I actually had last night:
Same house. I get the impression that my friend Samantha had bought the place to use it as a safe house for runaway teenages, but I really couldn’t say for certain. I just know she was there, and the girl who convinced me to come back to the house was a teenage girl who was staying there because she’d run away from home, and Sam asked me about at least one more girl while I was staying there, if I’d seen her lately and if she was alright,etc. At any rate, I was nervous about being back in the house, but this girl (whose name I never learned) convinced me to stay in her room for a few days – the same room I’d stayed in before. And same as before, it took many days before the hallway began to bother me, but this time I didn’t get a warning. I’d been walking all over that hallway just fine for days, but one evening I left an upstairs room and turned towards the hallway – and that paralysing fear was back. And I knew whatever it was wasn’t gone or sleeping anymore. Two of the bedrooms upstairs had been combined to make one giant common area, and that’s where everyone was (and where I had just left) so I turned tail and went back in, intent on yelling at everyone to get out. But everyone was either asleep, or quickly getting there. It was like everything in the room was melting – all the colours slowly faded and seemed less bright; the people slithered to the ground, not as if they were merely falling over, but more like they were being pulled on strings towards the walls. (think Japanese horror film, specifically the scene where the girl is crawling out the well in Ringu) I grabbed Sam and managed to slide down the stairs with her; she was barely awake by the time we got to the ground floor and I couldn’t carry her anymore. We half-collapsed on a bed someone had set up near the door and I as so determiend to keep Sam awake – and so afraid of what would happen if I didn’t – that I took her head in my hands and hit it against a near-by table. The pain jarred her, I guess, and the second her eyes started to focus on me I started screaming at her to stay awake. I repeated it over and over, screaming as loud as I could until all I could hear was my own voice echoing in my head – and then it ran by. I think it took its shape from someone in the house, because it didn’t really look like a girl, more like something trying to pretend it was a girl. The eyes were far too large to be human, and the tongue far too long and almost prehensile, and it had a very high-pitched, constant shriek. It ran through the house with a long, curved knife, killing everyone that was asleep. It seemed the only way to be safe from it was to be awake – it couldn’t hurt you then. It could only scream at you. It was screaming at me and I was screaming at Sam when I woke up. And had to go to the bathroom. But not even that coerced me to move from that bad for at least twenty minutes.

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