busy little worker bee

1. Finish Christmas presents.
2. Make packing list for trip (this is twofold, as it will likely involve a small shopping trip for little things I don’t have, like lithium batteries and toothpaste.)
3. Find out how, when, and where to exchange currency,
…and go do it.
4. Sell back textbooks.
5. Return sadly overdue library books to both campus and Davidson county libraries.
6. Clean! …which is a necessity before I can even begin to…
7. Pack!
8. Pay bills.
9. Finish exams. (Thank heaven all the papers are done…)
10.Attempt to say goodbye to lots of people I won’t see for weeks.

#1 will get finished tomorrow, I swear. As will the second half of #5. Once they’re finished, I shall need to make a trip to the post office. Which won’t be done tomorrow. #3….is there any place other than the airport to exchange currency? I’m looking into doing it at the bank, but that takes 1-3 days, it says. #8 can’t be done till just before I leave anyway. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week will be running last-minute errands, and insane amounts of cleaning. I’ll probably do most of my packing Christmas Day.

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