Oh, what a Christmas to…

Unforunately enough for me, I had to work today. And I do mean work; today was far busier than last Saturday. In fact, I ended up staying an hour longer than I had planned because. You see, we were short a person tonight, which left us with only one closing cutting counter person to clean up and put up the massive amount of signs for Monday. So I stayed to help.

We were short a person because last night, my co-worker Kelly committed suicide in her own home, in front of her husband.

Yes, I spent a few extra hours away from my loved ones today…but Kelly will never go home to her family again. Do yourself a favour this weekend: Don’t go shopping. Don’t rush out to see all the good Christmas sales. Don’t run those last minute,  life-or-death errands. Don’t focus in the million tiny things that stress you out and make you crazy. Find someone who means something to you, at least one person important in your life, and spend an hour. Just an hour.

Do it for yourself…for your loved ones…and for all those who thought they “didn’t have time” – and never will again.

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