Bags are packed, re-packed, and double-checked; all systems are go. I feel very prepared. I’ve nothing else to do now but wait…maybe run one final errand…take a hot bath…have some warm tea…watch Serenity…and dye my hair blue.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that? I’m dying my hair turquoise before I leave tomorrow. The way I figure it, I’m about to embark on a small adventure that will never happen again, even if I someday return to London. It’s two whole weeks of freedom, a break away from everything normal and familiar. Why not take it farther, take the oppurtunity to do more things I might never get to do again? Because I, unfortunately, have to work for a living, and most places of employment these days frown upon blue-haired employees. To be honest…I really wanted to finally get my nose pierced before I left too. But I’m afraid if I get it and it can’t heal before I go, I’ll get some strange disease off in Furn Parts and it’ll get infected and my nose will fall off.
…actually, I just never found the time to grab Jeanne and go do it, but the disease thing sounds better.

My mother is thrilled about the hair, by the way. She liked my reasoning for doing it, but had one of her own: “That’s great! They can’t lose you in a crowd. If something should happen to go wrong, the police will find you quickly; ‘she has blue hair!'” 

My  mom, clearly, is awesome.

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