Two Days and counting..

I’m ready to come home!….and yet I’m not. I know, as soon as I’m back and have seen everyone I miss, and given out some spiffy presents, and hugged my cats within an inch of their lives, I will want to come right back. And maybe not stay in the bleedin’ city the whole time…but yes. I will want to come back. I miss it and I’m not even gone.

While I’m very tired and wish to sleep in my own bed and cook my own food and dive my own car and do my freaking laundry, I’m also sad that my time here is coming to an end for now. I’ve learned and discovered a lot of things…had one or two minor revelations…seen some amazing things..and, let’s face it, bought some really cool stuff. The foot-high model of the TARDIS complete with sound-effects among them. Also a bear dressed like Sherlock Holmes – that may be my favourite.

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