Not Gonna Get Me

I refuse to feel bad for not rescheduling a 4-5 pm Wednesday evening for 8-9 am Wednesday morning, even though there are no schedule conflicts preventing me from doing so.

Won’t feel guilty.


I’ve been waiting for 2.5 years to take this Alexander Technique course. It’s a one credit hour class that has no set time; it’s schedule is dependent upon both the schedule of the people taking the class and the availability of classom space. There are three of us in the class now; a fourth person has registered, but his schedule seems to be completely at odds with the rest of ours. Hence the 8Am Thursday morning. Well, I’m sorry, Mr. Tight Schedule Guy. I waited almost three years to fit this damn class into my schedule; now it’s your turn to wait.

And I won’t feel guilty about it. Seriously. 



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