here comes the sun

Tonight was brutal. Nine-and-a-half hours of unending fabric, people, and chaos. We were chasing people out of the store at almost 20 after nine. Today was the last day of a huge sale..which was reflected in both the jaw-dropping amount of decorator fabric we sold, and the back-breaking amount we had to put up later. I spent two solid hours cleaing my little heart out, and I still could’ve used at least another hour of tidying to really make the place look presentable. I had my fair share of technical difficulties, physical soreness, and annoying customers, but at least I was in good company; Shiela is quite possibly the sweetest and most positive person alive. Some positive people affect me negatively, in that when I am in a bad mood, they make it worse by being chipper and sunny. She makes me genuinely cheerful agian. Also, watching the pile of fabric slowly reveal an actual floor and countertop beneath it gave me a sense of accomplishment and order that, I think, realy helped stave off the bloack moods I’ve experienced at work lately. It was long and rough and my feet are still throbbing, but it was a much better day than most.

And tomorrow will be better. It’s the day after a huge sale, and Superbowl Sunday to boot; I anticipate the store being a ghost town tomorrow. Gives us all a chance to catch our breath and get caught up.

Just finished some Spanish homework that was nowhere near as taxing or lengthy as I thought it would be. I have spinach-and-mushroom pizza, a huge glass of water, and strawberries and chocolate. And kitties, when they deign to be petted. Not bad, for a late night.

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