“I want my sexy phlegm back!”

Anyone remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe gets a bad cold and decides that her resulting low, silghtly nasal voice is terribly sexy so she won’t stop singing at the cafe even though she feels awful, and walks around in wet socks trying to get sick again after she gets better? Yeah, that is so me right now — only I don’t have a cold, I have some sort of chest-cough. I am totally a low alto right now and it is such an amusing and novel change from the heights of coloratura.

Oh, and it really is sexy.

Does come with a side of craptastic, though, in the form of a heavy chest, fatigue, and general achiness. I had a scratchy throat, but some well-applied hot chocolate got rid of that. The rest is being concquered by a combination of hot shower and something I rarely partake of – actual medicine. I don’t like taking medicine in general, but I stay away from antihistamine/cold/flu stuff because it makes me so drowsy; and, because I take it with such infrequency, it’s pretty potent when I do use it.

I’ll admit, it’s a guilty pleasure, though. The only thing I like about being sick is when I know, absolutely, that I have at least 8 hours to devote to sleep, because then I can take a night-time medicine, and that sleep is the best sleep ever. I always wake up refreshed and in a good mood.

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