roots and wings

My grandmother, before she retired many years ago, was a teaching assistant, working with special needs children.

My grandfather worked in a state-side hospital during WWII, had some sort of semi-coporate job in a trucking firm (I never found out really what he did, he retired from that around the time I was born), and did volunteer work for Memorial Hostpital (which is now Skyline) for years.

My mother, before cicumstances forced her to do otherwise, held a relatively high-level managerial position at the human resource center of a large bank. She graduate early from an academic magnet highschool, too.

My uncle served several years in the technical/mechnical division of the AirForce (bad eyesight, no flying) before he landed a pretty great electronics/computer job at Simplex, where he worked until his stroke.

None of them went to college.
I didn’t know this till today.

I come from a family of bright, career-successful people….and I am the first one to obtain a college degree.

I’m…floored. A little amazed. And proud of all of us.

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