mi mi me me…

I wish I could convey to you the delighful joy that is having a vocal coach who works with you, instead of making you feel like you’re working for her.  In my head I keep comparing Dr. H to A, the first teacher I had here, and I’m so amazed at the difference. Both have the virtue of being very honest about what they think and feel about my voice/technique/etc, but the difference is the way they express(ed) it. There was a lot of blame, working with A – what she was saying was always right and if it didn’t work for me, then I was doing it wrong. With Dr. H, there’s more of a dialogue; I feel like I’m actually involved in a process rather than just being someone’s trainee. She encourages me to do things in different ways and, because she is supportive and trustworthy, I try them; if they don’t work, we do something else. Simple as that.

All that said…still worried about having this Faust aria ready for public consumption by end-of-April. I’m considering just serenading people with it at random, to get the practice…so if I start singing at you, just nod and smile. Or find some ear plugs.

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