Musically Speaking

Musically Speaking:

1. A song you love: Stand By Me, Ben E. King. It’s always been a favourite of mine.

2. A song you hate: Tear My Heart Open. I think it’s Papa Roach? Just Cannot. Stand. That song.

3. A song you can’t help but dance to: If You Leave, OMD. 

4. A song you can’t help but sing: Um. Virtually any song I know the words to, really. And some that I don’t.

5. A song that can always perk up your mood, no matter what: The Magic Dance, Labyrinth OST

6. A song that nearly always makes you cry (or at least feel like it): Love, Me – Colin Raye. I refuse to listen to it.

7. A song you want played at your funeral:Into the West, from Return of the King

8. A song you’ll have played (or did have played, as the case may be) at your wedding: Time in a Bottle – Jim Croce

9. A song you’d listen to while making love: Depending on the mood, Tell Me – Billie Meyers, or I Love You – Fisher

10. A song you could fall asleep to: Oddly enough, almost anything on Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula OST

11. A song you play when you absolutely have to wake up: Inquisition Tango – Shakira

12. A song that makes you feel sexy: Wicked Game, or Spanish Sky (I think that’s the name) – Chris Isaak

13. A song you don’t really want to admit you like: Don’t Want You Back – The Backstreet Boys. 

14. A song you wish you had a recording of, but sadly don’t: The above OMD song, for one.

15. A song you’d like to hear right now: Let’s Dance – David Bowie

16. Your favourite love song: 500 Miles. (the Proclaimers) and Dance Me to the End of Love (the version I have is Aviva Chernick. Beautiful.)

17. Your favourite song on the last album you bought: Well..see..the last two I albums I bought were ordered from Amazon. They are at home. I am not. I haven’t even heard them yet. 

18. A song that describes how you see yourself: So many answers to this question. I’ll pick one and get back to you. Absolutely cannot think right now. Too much going on.

19. A song that describes how you wish you could see yourself: Star of the County Down. Because who doens’t want to be adored by half of Ireland? 

20. A song that describes the person you’re stealing this meme from. I created this thing, so…

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