Opera Time!

For any who didn’t know, or those who knew and forgot:

Tonight, APSU Opera Theatre Presents: Gianni Schichi!!…..and some other stuff.

6:45 – Opera Cafe — come here some of the opera performers in a special solo concert before the show begins.

7:30 – The Main Event:
– A Gypsy scene from Bizet’s Carmen (A French opera. Set in Spain. Confusion and fun and gypsies!!)
– Three Scenes from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. There’s dragons. There’s (almost!) death. There’s funny hats, teddy bears, and scantily clad spirits! You know you wanna come. 

Approx. 8:00 — Intermission

And after that…The Main Event: Gianni Schichi
A clever and cunning tale of death, betrayal, thieving relatives, and true love. A little something for everyone. 🙂

It’s in the Music/MassComm building on the Austin Peay campus – not hard to find, parking located directly across from the building. Tickets are, I believe, $8 at the door. What, can’t come tonight? Well, ok, you won’t get to hear me sing, but you can still see tomorrow’s matinee at 3pm. (Opera Cafe at 2:15ish.)

Why are you still reading this and not on your way here??

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