today’s entry brought to you by…

This is how it works: comment on this entry and get a letter.
Write 10 words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.
My letter, from hipsterdad is R.

1. Rrrr – As in, the sound pirates make. Reminds me of Jack Sparrow, KWP, and quietmadman‘s Kiss Me, I’m a Pirate shirt.

2. Rum – As in cocnut rum. Because I’d like some. šŸ™‚ (But not till all this work is done and I’m safely graduated.)

3. Rupert – Rupert P(ercival) BockB’Gock, glove-puppet-chicken extroardinaire.

4. Rasputina – the best cello-playing, Victorian-underwear-wearing goth/rock/punk/neoclassical band ever.

5. Reiki – body energy manipulation. That I really need…

6. Ren faires – Renaissance festivals. As in, that crazy summer job I used to and sometimes still do have. Miss them terribly right now.

7. Red velvet – fist cake I ever tried to make, more because it looked so pretty than because Iliked it. (although I do)

8. Ritardando – one of the most made-fun-of (and probably most misspelled) musical terms. Means to gradually slow the tempo.

9. Raspberries – hate them. Haaaaaaate.

10. Ring Cycle – a series of operas (yes, a series of operas) by Richard Wagner based on elements of German/Norse paganism. Collectively called Der ring des Nibelungen, the four seperate operas are: Das Rheingold, Die Walkurie, Sigfried, and Gotterdammerung. The collection took Wagner 26 years to write and is about 15 hours longs, in total. (usually performed on 4 or 5 consecutive nights, for obvious reasons)He eventually had a perfomance space built in Bayreuth to accomdate the production; it has the best acoustics in the worlds and excels at projecting natural voices so the singers don’t have to strain themselves when singing 5-hour operas. In true Wagner fashion, the scores are dramatic, complex…and a tad long-winded. šŸ™‚ Yes, there really is a character named Brunhilde, and yes, you really do need to weigh 240 pounds and wear a horned helmet to sing the role because damn the man demands a lot from his sopranos. You need a huuuge sound to do it right, and bits of the operas aren’t even in keys. They’re in ‘key areas.’ Oy vey.

(Why yes, I do ā™„ Wagner, what makes you ask…)

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