Farewell to April

Symphony Friday night was wonderful! Er, except for the almost dying. I’d been a little ill last week, and by Friday I was firmly in stuffy nose/dry cough territory. Somewhere in the middle of the first movement I swalled wrong or something and got one of those absolutely uncontrollable coughs – you know, where there’s something practically spot-welded to the back of your throat and all you can do is hack until it’s gone because you didn’t bring any bottled water. I tried to quell the coughing by holding my breath, but that made my eyes water…which made my nose run….which made me sneeze…which made me cough again. I was in a panicky hell for about 45 seconds.

Afterwards was dinner, which consisted of some of the best chicken teriyaki I’ve ever had. Osaka, downtown near West End, if anyone’s interested. And from thence to home , where there was nyquil and collapsing.

Saturday I slept till nearly 12 in a Nyquil-induced semicoma and just manaed to get up for work at 1:00. Day was sheer. torture. We were short-handed and busy and I was having ferverish chills by 5. Was there till nearly 11. Wanted. to. die. Made the short journey back home and got much-needed water, food, and – most importantly – a place to sit down. There was more Nyquil and a hot bath, which probably didn’t help my fever but made me feel better.

Sunday I obviously did not go to work. Slept nearly till the afternoon and spent all day in varying stages of sickness…but it was still a good day, all things considered. At least I didn’t have to be sick all alone. Got pretty miserable last night, though. I didn’t want to sleep all day, so I didn’t take the Nyquil. Lead to me getting to sleep somewhere around 3. And waking up at 4. and going back to bed at five and sleeping till around 10:30.

I can has new nose, plz?

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