while you were sleeping…

Friday: Finally got around to sampling the fare of the oddly-named Garden Wang, the new Chinese buffet in Hendersonville, with John. We figured even if the food wasn’t good, it would still be entertaining to tell people about the awful food at a place with the name of Garden Wang. Verdict? Fortunately, not awful. Pretty good food, huge selection, but Asia Buffet is still my favourite. 


My first airsoft game! After watching and getting some one-on-one time with a gun or two, I finally got comfortable (and confident…) enough to play myself. It was absolutely perfect weather for playing: overcast, not too hot. For having poured down rain the evening before, there was surprisingly little mud. Our group was small, only five or so people, but still lots of (stealthy) fun. Won’t go into all the details, but I fired three shots during game play the whole day…which also happens to be the # of kills I made. Not bad, for a first-timer.  (tho who knows how I’ll do in a bigger group. Meep.)

Also went down to the pub Saturday night. Sorely needed. Lots of good food and music, plus I got to play crash test dummy and stand in for the band to do some test-photos for their new website shot. Larry is going to Lithuania for a month to visit some distant family. He asked if I needed anything; I asked for a llama. 

On Sunday…I was a slug. Well, mostly. It’s funny how profound grocery shopping can seem, given the right circumstances.

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