buzzing bees

I was on my way back from lunch today when a patient stopped me in the hall.

“Scuse me. Do you know what the bee said to the flower?”
“Nope. What’d he say?”
“He said, ‘Hey, bud, when do you open up?'”

Nothing like a bit of completely random to make the day go by. 

 The work is neat, I like it, and the volume hasn’t been too stressful – it’s the volume combined with the fact that I’m still on very unsure footing. This is the second time I’ve been on the phones for incoming calls, and the first time I’ve been alone and unsupervised while doing it. I’ve asked three million questions; no one minds. Everyone here is so helpful – I guess, in part, because there are so many drs and residents here (over 50!) and so many scheduling restrictions for all of them that we’re all constantly double-checking with each other. So, no problems with the pace of the work or what it entails, but being slightly nervous for 8 hours a day takes it’s toll. 

I keep making plans for Friday nights and they keep getting cancelled. S’alright, it enabled me to go see Lady in the Water with John last week, which is, by the way, a wonderful movie. Just don’t go in expecting a horror film; you won’t get it. It’s a faerytale of sorts, something I’d tell children some day, only knowing me I’d tell it to them way too early and they’d be terrified to play in the yard.

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