Faeries? OBE? Alien probe?

I went to bed around 11:30, dressed in my little blue-and-green nightgown and tucked under sheet and comforter. I sort of half-woke, briefly, around 4:30 because I was freezing, literally shaking with cold – and then I realized I was so cold because not only had I pushed away all the covers, I was no longer wearing my nightgown either. I burrowed back under the covers and had just a seconds to be thoroughly scared (my half-awake, SVU-fed brain said “Rape!”) before I fell asleep again.

Woke up again at 6 when my alarm went off, briefly remembered the episode, and thought I’d dreamed it – but my nightgown was crumpled in a ball down at the foot of my bed.

I walked in my sleep once or twice when I was very young, but I’ve never really had a history of it, and the thought of sitting up, undressing myself, and lying back down to go to sleep – all while completely unconscious – creeps me the hell out.

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