Life is sweet – so am I. Damn mosquitos.


So, I have this really amazing fiancee. He’s an engineer. He’s also a toy collector. Lately we’ve been house-hunting together.** We’ve sat on his floor and, over dinner, talked about mortgage payments, monthly bills, finances…about cell phone calling plans and wedding budgeting and good public school systems for future kids. We’ve also sat on that same floor and, after dinner, played with Zoids and this really awesome Romulan warbird replica with lights and sound effects that I didn’t even know they ever made. He gets up early for his really long commute to Bowling Green and I get up slightly less early to drive my office assistant job in Nashville, and in the evenings we collapse on his couch and talk/vent/gush about our days…and then make dinner and watch anime, or Law and Order. Recently we made our way through every M. Night Shyamalan movie. Unbreakable is my new favourite.

I love the dichotomy of our lives. I love this man.

I’m home sick today; relentless sinus-y ick and bug-bite torture from Labour Day activities. Crawling around the woods is all fun and games till later when you’re sneezing, blowing your nose, and using every ounce of your self-control not to flay the skin from your itchy legs and back.

Heather found and charmed a turtle; even got it to come out of its shell. Trust AMbera to be there with the appropriate movie reference:  “We …haven’t…had..visitors……in..fooooouurthoooousnd yeeears.”

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