Picky, picky picky

He said a teacher had to run to a farm house to call police because there wasn’t one at the school, in keeping with Amish custom.

There wasn’t one what at the school? A teacher? A farmhouse? Don’t tell me he meant telephone when the word was never even in the sentence.

Roberts, a father of three from nearby Bart Township and was not Amish,

I shouldn’t even need to say what’s wrong with that.

From the suicide notes and telephone calls, it was clear Roberts was “angry at life, he was angry at God,” and co-workers said his mood had darkened in recent days, Miller said.

That quote – is it from the notes? The phone calls? The coworkers? Miller himself? This is an oddity, since all the other quotes in this piece were so well-documented.

On Friday, a school principal was shot to death in Cazenovia, Wis. A 15-year-old student, described as upset over a reprimand, was charged with murder.

Ok, I could understand if this was a segue into a larger piece about school shootings, but this is the end of the article. Goes nowhere from here. Nothing at all to justify mentioning this isolated incident half a country away from the crimes that are the entire focus of the article. Er?

Maybe I’m being unreasonable, but this is Associated Press.

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