Dancing with the earth.


Had my weekly belly dancing class last night. I am so very, very glad I finally got to do this, even though last night completely kicked my ass. But I was finally able to do some decent isolations! I’m looking forward to the performance in December. Riescha is turning out to be a very talented and enthusiastic teacher; she said the most wonderful thing last night about how belly dancing is a happy thing because you’re dancing with the earth. I loved it. 

I was scared about going to class yesterday because at some point in the last day and a half, I pulled the crap out of a muscle in my lower back, but it actually felt better after I left.

And after I got myself home from this ass-kicking workout, I was greeted with a candle-lit, home-cooked dinner of salad and spaghetti. I think it was quite possibly the best spaghetti ever…partly because I was so incredibly ravenous by the time I got home, and partly because John made it.  I made cookies for desert later.

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