Monday, Monday

Computer systems are down for over half the office due to a program update that didn’t install correctly. I’m taking calls, writing messages, and telling pts our computers are down, could I please call them back later? and then handing off the messages to the one person in the office who can access the server. Was doing my consult stuff for a while in another program, but I’ve gone as far as I can go. I feel like a paperweight.  I suppose it ought to be frustrating, but somehow it isn’t.

Dr. R brought us breakfast this morning. From Cracker Barrell. Cheesy hashbrowns and biscuits with jelly and a piece of bacon – not nearly as healthy as the banana and yogurt I already had for myself, but I’m compensating with hot tea and water.  Besides, yummy breakfast takes the sting out of the realization that I left my yummy Chinese leftovers and applesauce on the couch this morning. Wince.

Trying to let cooler heads prevail and wait before I speak, but it’s hard to resist the urge to repay someone’s cattiness in kind. I’d feel perfectly justified in doing it. But I’d also feel petty later, and this is why I wait.

I’m in a list making mood. So many things to accomplish.

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