They didn’t teach this in Fight Club

So a few weeks ago some my family – my grandmother’s brother and two of her neices – came to visit. I hadn’t seen them since a funeral several months before, so it was nice to get together and have a good meal and talk for a while – when a man is 93, you know you probably don’t have too many chances left to do that. Anyhoo, the day had been jsut lovely and was getting ready to wind down (they were heading home to Pulaski) when we heard this terrible cat-screetching from outside. Lily had been outside that morning and hadn’t come back yet, so I ran for the door. After searching around the yard a few times, I didn’t find her, but I did find the neighbour’s huge cat hiding under our bushes – this cat bears an odd resemblance to Lily, by the way, except for being bigger and a little fluffier.

I went back inside and mom told me that Lily had come running in the front door just after I left and was hiding under the couch. I coaxed her out, picked her up to see if she was hurt…and discovered that she was Covered. In. Pee.

That hairball peed on my cat!

The weirdest part? They’re both females. 

Fortunately for me, Lily likes water, so I dumped her in the tub – and then jumped in with her, since I was urine-scented too from holding her. Bleh.

I’ve never heard of female cats spraying before.

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