First things first: My new computer is here!!!!!  
Currently, I’m trying to decide what my new desktop image should be.

And in other news…

Today, I feel like the frumpiest frump to have ever frumped. My Aunt Flo is visiting, which is never great for one’s mood – although I wish I’d known that this morning when I was getting dressed, might have stopped me from freaking out a bit. The period bloatiness might help explain why I almost couldn’t button my pants – mind you, though, to get back down to the weight I’m usually at I’d still need to lose about 15 pounds.

And about these pants…they’re petite. And they fit really well – er, usually – except for one thing. The length. It’s perfect when I’m standing, I don’t step on the bottoms or trip on them, but when I’m sitting down and crossing my legs, they ride up just past my ankle. I feel like I’m wearing capris when I sit down, are pants supposed to fit this way?? Petite pants are the only ones I don’t trip all over, at my height, but they’re so uncomfortable to sit in.

So I’m wearing these pants that feel like highwaters, a blue, fuzzy hand-me-down pullover from Jeanne (at least my socks perfectly match the pullover since my entire ankle is showing, I’ve got that working for me), and my hair has that gross not-quite-oily-but-weighted-down feeling that generally denotes too much conditioner. If I don’t pull it up it just hangs there, thin and limp and flat against my head.

In short, today I am Ugly Betty’s uglier step-cousin. 😦

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