Mystery solved – I hope.

For several weeks, we’ve been having problems with some ridiculously loud noise coming from our upstairs neighbours. Not loud music – they do that from time to time, but never long enough to really be a bother – or loud tv – that would be the other neighbour – but constant, horrendous, and completely incomprehensible banging noises.

I think once or twice it’s happened during the week, but it goes on every single weekend. At first, I thought they were just moving in. It sounded the way moving heavy furniture or dropping heavy boxes full of books might sound. But it went on and on – they’ve been here long enough to be moved in. We’ve been grinning and bearing it for a while, but today, when stuff fell off our the shelves and a light-fixture half-dropped from the ceiling, we decided enough was enough. Plus, I have been insanely curious about what could possibly be going on up there.

The verdict?

Wrestling matches.

Apparently when the missus is at work on the weekends, her beaux invites some friends over and they wrestle. Despite the fact that they are inside, in an apartment,directly above other people.

“Oh…were you guys tryin’ to sleep?”

No, it’s just ridiculously loud and annoying! Also, you’re kinda destroying the building and knocking things off our wall.

The way I see it, they’ve been warned once not to do something that common sense should’ve kept them from doing in the first place. But they seem like nice people so we probably won’t have any more problems.

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