It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas…

Just found out that there is some manner of holiday lunch here tomorrow – for which I should bring some food. It seems this is to be the opposite of the Thanksgiving lunch; there’s no turkey, no ham, no huge list of sides to bring, but finger foods, chips-and-dip, crackers, and stuff. So I’m going to make pimento cheese sandwiches and use a cookie cutter to make them tree-shaped, I think. 

I’ve also been working on Estelle’s stripey blanket and Jeanne’s hat (yeah, she’ll probably read this, but she asked for a hat, she ought to know she’s getting one…but she doesn’t get to know what colour or style, haha.), and I’m kinda in a crafty mood. I think I have one more crafty project up my sleeve..and it won’t get where it needs to go by Christmas, but that’s ok, it’ll just spread out the gifty fun. 

Meanwhile, every patient we have has decided they must talk to us before the holidays. Oy vey. Back to the phones.

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