Editor for hire; Have pen, will travel.

Today I helped my manager construct and edit a letter to the Ethics Committee. It’s a big, important board full of PhD’s and MD’s and a handful of RN’s, and I just helped create a letter of appropriate clarity and formality that I think it ought to pass muster with any of them. And I enjoyed it.

Afterwards, he asked me if I’d be willing to do the same thing with some thesis papers in the future – he’s getting another degree and has lots of research papers to do. And he’ll pay me – $50 a paper.

This is, I think, exactly what I need right now. I like my job here. I don’t want to leave right now. But I don’t want to stay here forever, either, and lately I feel like I’m so far away from editing and literature and thesis research that my brain is turning to mush. At least now, with this, my toes are in the water and I won’t feel like I’m doing something essentially pointless. I’m actually doing something while I sit around and wait for my plans to congeal.

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