April Showers…

Got bitten by the productivity bug this weekend. Or maybe it was just restlessness at the cold and rain keeping me mostly indoors. Either way, I now have a few more pumpkin centerpices done, a few re-done, three boxes of little bubble bottles tied with ribbon, my bookshelf reorganized, and all my craft stuff (that I have room for at the apartment right now, which isn’t even a dent of what I have) in brand new colour-coded plastic storage. And I finally found a place for all the Christmas decorations.

Thanks to an FYE giftcard and an errand that took me and John downtown anyway, I now have Vol. 1 of The Bela Lugosi Film Collection. 5 movies, 3 of them Poe adaptations, 4 of them co-starring Boris Karloff. I am in gothic-horror heaven. Much time was spent this weekend lusting after admiring the quality acting of Mr. Lugosi.

 I had a Border’s coupon as well that I intended to use on getting myself a copy of Dance of the Dissident Daughter, since the local library is going to tar and feather me if I don’t return theirs. I did, in fact, leave with a copy of the book – as well as a gorgeous translation of Tristan and Isolde and a copy of Venerable Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People. I geeked out a bit.

Season finale of Dresden Files last night – anyone else watch? Thoughts on the episode? The series? The possibility of a second season?

Also, there is a 3-ish foot tall TARDIS in my living room. Pictures forthcoming, probably this evening when I have my camera, but dude. There is a 3-foot tall TARDIS. In. My. Living Room. Squee. 🙂

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