Cry havoc…

For any fans, even casual ones, of Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising: You should read this. Or maybe, perhaps, you shouldn’t…

I think if I ever see so much as a hint of actual trailer for this film, I will likely stab the nearest stationary thing.

I’ve recovered enough from the initial shock of the previews to at least plan on seeing the recent movie version of Bridge to Terribithia before I continue my ranting thereon, but this? Might actually kill me to witness.

I think my favourite bit has to be “screenwriter John Hodge told me they dropped all the Arthurian stuff from the film.”

What the…? How do you even…?! The entire series is based around… *siiiiiigh* nevermind.

Golden Compass? My hopes are pinned on you now, so you better be one damned good film.

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