Did anybody else know that the Nashville Zoo has a massive milti-leveled wooden playground equipment structure for adults? Neither did I, till I went there for my birthday.  I decided that it had been far too many years since I’d seen a zoo, so that was part of my birthday plan for this year: take the GRE, spend the day at the zoo, have dinner somewhere, and see Order of the Phoenix. It was the first time in a while I’d gotten to spend a whole, entire day with John where we weren’t doing chores around the aparment or house-hunting, or wedding stuff. Just a day o’ fun-ness. Of course, we both spent the next two days packing and moving a massive truckload of ridiculously heavy furniture. :p (Made up for it on Saturday, though…my mom’s gift was an hour-long massage!)

Everything since then has pretty much been a blur of settling into the house and frantically catching up on all the wedding stuff we let lapse while we were searching for, buying, and moving into said house. Three months more, then wedding, honeymoon in Key West (yay, I get to see the ocean! Crap, I have to wear a bathing suit!!), and then hopefully what will pass for normal married life for us can actually begin.

And then there’s work. Which is overwhelming at the moment since I’m doing the work of two people until they can hire someone and send them through computer training. It’s looking like mid-September is the best we can hope for there and I’ve already had a crappy week so the less said about it, the better.

Many many pictures forthcoming, when I can get them onto my computer…which is another embarrassing story. I locked myself out of my computer. Changed the password on my iMac and now I have no clue at all what it is. Must be a theme with me lately, since I locked myself out of my house yesterday too. Did I mention I’m having a bad week? 

Also I got my GRE scores back. I think I did well, but I’m not so sure what constitutes good scores there.

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