I offloaded everything on my digital camera last night, so there are finally pictures of the house. You get the whole ten-cent walking tour here, so this post is pretty absurdly graphic intense. Fair warning. 🙂

This would be the house, complete with John mowing the front yard.

The tiiiiiny frog we shooed out of the yard, lest he become mower mulch.

The front porch!

The view from just inside the front door. (I really meant that walking tour thing.) The hallway and the living room will eventually be some sort of not– yellow cream colour, we think.

There are some glass French doors immediately to the right beyond them is what is currently becoming a library/office and will, when necessity requires, also become a nursery. (I’ll move the books first, don’t give me that look…)

And on the other side….dining room. I think this will someday be blue…which is not a colour I myself would have ever thought of for a dining room, but I like it.

If you go into the dining room and look straight ahead, you can see into the kitchen/breakfast nook area…the thought was shades of green for all of this. Earthtones that don’t involve vast amounts of brown, since it seems someone doesn’t care for the colour. 🙂

View looking back from the breakfasty area into the kitchen.

And the back porch! There a sliding glass door here. It was hidden behind the big orange blanket thing because we didnt have blinds for it at the time.

Back inside now, looking from the breakfast room into the living room. I looooove the arches.

And a little further into the room…

Now, if you go across the living room, through that little entryway and into the hall, on the right end you have the garage. My car has never been an “in-door pet” before.

And next to the garage, going back up the hallway, is the laundry room. Front loading washers and dryers rule, so saith my non-aching back.

And further up the hallway is the powder room. Or, it was supposed to be, but they somehow squeezed another bathtub in there, for whatever reason.

And the last room, at the left end of the hall, is our bedroom. The cherry furniture was a wedding gift from his parents. Yumm.

Bathroom! This will also be shades of blue…possibly with clouds..or seashells…

Back out in the living room now, staring up the stairs…

The guest room, with my old bedroom furniture in it.

I apparently skipped over the guest bathroom. Oops. Looks just like the one downstairs, only it’s, well, next to the guest room.

And the linen closet, because I remembered to take pictres of that. *rolls eyes at silly self* It stands between my craft room, which is the other bedroom, and the bonus room which has become John’s toy vault.

Said toy vault, all boxed up right now. For those who dont know…the Reader’s Digest version is that John has pretty much been a life-long toy collector. He can speak more eloquently about that than I can, though.

And at last…my craft room. 🙂





Costume closet! 




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