Wedding Rambles

I guess it’s a testament to our similar minds and why we’ve been friends so long that one of my dearest friends got married just to weeks before I will. I got the privilege of going to his wedding just this past Saturday and it was absolutely lovely: lots of fall colours and foliage and the most unique bridesmaid dresses I have ever, ever seen – they were dark green satin, gathered at the bodice, and they were strapless except for this embroidery-and-sequin strap thing that went from under the bodice, up over one shoulder, and down and around to the mid-back of the dress. The reception was held in the fellowship of a church, so Claire’s (the bride’s) aunts painted these fall-coloured, leafy backdrops to hang over the bland walls; it made such a cozy feeling. Everything was very simple, but very elegant – I see a lot of Claire’s hand in that; she’s a quiet, understated beauty herself.

I was the only person on Jared’s side of the room who wasn’t an immediate family member (aside from John, of course). To my knowledge, the only other non-family member invited was our friend Wendy – she was our third musketeer in highschool. When I asked Jared, he said he’d sent her an invitation, but never heard from her – so I had to laugh, because I, in fact, have heard from her and she’ll be at my wedding in a week. I told Jared to take it up with her there and bring his guilt-trip skills along. 🙂 (Though to be fair, she has a year-old child and a 2 hour drive to make.)

I was near the front of the room, but I knew the second that Claire stepped into view at the back because Jared teared up – and really, I can count on one hand the times I’ve seen Jared cry about anything, so how was I supposed to make it through that?  So Claire made her journey down the aisle, the ceremony started, and I spent the next few minutes very quietly making my mascara superfluous. I’m seriously worried now, though, because if I couldn’t make it through their vows dry-eyed, do I have a prayer of getting through my own? That’s my only worry now, though; after seeing how smoothly everything went and then talking to Claire’s best friend Beth about how crazy it was getting everything together, I think I can pretty much rest assured that everything won’t go perfectly, but it will just fine anyway. And the best lesson I got from Jared and Claire themselves: the only detail that really matters in the end is the person waiting for you at the end of the aisle. I’m thrilled to see them both so happy.

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