ensemble appreciation?

NBC’s newest reality show: Clash of the Choirs!

From the website: The robes come off Monday, December 17th 8/7c in a competition between 5 choirs assembled by their celebrity choir directors. Who will succeed? Which celebrity’s choir will gain bragging rights?

I’ll admit, I’m intrigued in spite of myself. Certainly not because it’s a reality show, and not even because of the competitive aspect – but because the choirs are mostly lead by stars who are, traditionally, solo singers. It’s one thing to know rhythm and music and to be a good vocalist in your own right, but to understand multi-part harmony and choral singing enough to get a decent sound from a roomfull of people is entirely something else. I’ll bet it’s a journey for the choir directors just as much as for the choir members themselves. For example, I know Michael Bolton has done lots of work with writing for, arranging for, and directing instrumental and vocal ensembles, but…Nick Lachey? Kelly Rowland? How well does singing with a smaller group like 98 Degrees or Destiny’s Child prepare you for actual conducting? I guess I’ll have the show to find out. 

I think curiousity is probably going to goad me into watching the series premiere, but what I’d really love to do is be a fly on the wall at those rehearsals.

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