‘Anyday’ is today, I guess. :)

I had no idea how prophetic “any day now” would turn out to be. I got an email from Tara in the graduate office just an hour ago; I’m a graduate student now.


I’ve applied for the graduate assistantship too, but that isn’t announced until August, insofar as I’ve been told. Which presents me with a little difficulty.

There was a sleep department schedulers’ meeting today. Dr. M talked about how we are one of 15 hopsitals specifically treating/researching children with autism. Lately we have kids coming in from out of state to be seen in the sleep clinic. Dr. M had a lot of praise for those of us on the phones (which, as of next week, will just be me. Again.), stressing how she feels that a significant portion of her good reputation as a caregiver is dependent upon how we treat the patient – in other words, the entire clinic experience from scheduling to treatment, not just the time the kids and their families spend with the doctor. I’ll say this for Dr. M: however badly frustrated I may become with the nature of the job and office politics, she never fails to make me genuinely proud of what I’m able to do here.

Which will of course make me feel like a complete heel when I have to tell them I’m leaving.

Although the actual dilemma is not giving my notice, it’s when to do it. Timing is everything and that assistantship position ain’t exactly set in stone yet.

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