You daily language lesson.

So, after hearing it in countless songs, movies, tv shows, and random conversations on the street, I finally let my curiousity get the better of me. I just had to know what the hell “shorty” meant and how on earth it has ended up with contextual definition of “hot girl,” or possibly just “girl,” full stop.

I am no wiser on how this came to be, unfortunately (slang etymology, anyone?), but ye olde Urban Dictionary had several definition offerings. My hands-down favourite:

Shorty, n.

“A term contrived by some asshole or group of assholes to mean a sexy or attractive female.

A term I wouldn’t ever use to describe a girlfriend, close female companion or a desirable female with whom I’d like to get better acquainted.

I buy mah shorty diamonds and call her shorty because she is very sexy yet has the brains of a turtle and thinks shorty is a cute adorable term instead of what it really is.

Another mindless slang invented by people that live their lives in dance clubs.”

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