Christmas in…April

Dr. L brought in some goodies a week or two ago and left them in the break room for everyone. Two bags of cookies and a tin of brownies – and it should be noted that these were Christmas bags and a Christmas tin. For those not aware, it is now April. So most of us were already warned off, but a few brave souls decided to try the cookies. Priceless facial expressions of foulness were made, and someone snatches up the bag to read the label.

“Merry Christmas, Dr. L! Hope you enjoy these homemade dog biscuits!”

Cue horrified faces, and a stampede to Dr. L’s office.

Nurse: *shoving bag at Dr. L* Dr. L, read this! (It shoud be noted that Dr. L is in fact a neuro-opthamologist.)
Dr L: *reads bag* Holy crap, I ate half the bag already! No wonder they were so awful I had to wash them down with sherry…

I don’t know why his lovely Irish lilt made this funnier, but it did. 🙂

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