Accidental Sandwich

To the person whose lunch I inadvertently wandered off with:

I am so very sorry. It was loud in there and I really thought the Roly Poly counter girl said my name. It wasn’t until I got all the way back to my office and sat down to eat that I realized I had your Thai cashew chicken wrap instead of my pesto chicken wrap. Incidentally, it’s wonderful (if a bit spicy) and not something I would ever have thought of ordering myself; I hope the situation turned out as nicely for you, poor person whose lunch I stole.

In my past two months of “radio silence,” I’ve been to two weddings, two ren faires, and more doctor appointments than I care to think about. Long story short, I hurt. A lot. All over the place. Since January.

I’ve been from a walk-in clinic doc in White House to an orthopedist to 6 weeks of physical therapy, back to the orthopedist, to the ER, back to the walk-in clinic doc to an MRI to a (completely useless and exasperating) round of phone tag with the walk-in doc (well. ‘Tag’ is inaccurate, since that would require him returning my calls) to a chiropractor who thinks he can help**, but would really like me to get a blood panel done to check for Underlying Causes – which is also what the ER doc told me and what the walk-in guy wouldn’t do. I have some reliable recommendations of good primary care physicians in my area, so looks like there are more appts on my horizon.

**The reason he thinks he might be able to help me is because of what he saw on my initial x-rays. Apparently my lumbar spine has a little bit too much curve and my cervical spine not enough. I couldn’t have seen those things if he hadn’t pointed them out and demonstrated with his handy protractor, but holy mother of everything, even I can tell that my entire pelvis being noticeably, visibly, glaringly crooked is, um, not a good thing.

Otherwise…everything else is pretty great. John and I finally managed to get our bathroom painted; the kitchen is next on our hit list. My job is…acutually, I don’t want to talk about it. Unless you’re offering me a new one. But in less than three weeks I’ll going part-time to start graduate classes, so…silver lining there.

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