When I registered for classes months ago, I signed up for one more than I really needed in my current situation, because I knew if I got a scholarship I’d have to be taking a full load and I could always drop it last-minute if that didn’t come through.

Yesterday afternoon I gave up and dropped that last class.

Last night I got my scholarship/assistantship acceptance letter. The one I thought just wasn’t coming.

The stipulations are that I must be enrolled in a full load of classes, as well as working part-time hours (16-20, I think) as an assistant somewhere in the English dept. The reward is that they are paying my entire tuition, plus a semester stipend.

I don’t…I can’t even…I’m not good with the forming of sentences just now, but wordless expressions of utter joy don’t translate well over the internet, so there you have it. That’s my news. 🙂

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