Moving Day

My first official post in my new WordPress home!

I have kept online journals, on various servers and with varying intents, for many, many years. Initially, it functioned for me exactly as a diary – for my eyes only. I slowly joined the craze of blogging with and for a wider social network, but still mostly  kept myself to a circle of known friends. This really marks my first foray into something crafted with a wider audience in mind. Hello, world.

It should be noted that while every post from now on is shiny new content, every post before this one has been imported from my old journal. Originally, there were nearly 600 entries; I’ve whittled that down to just over 200, mostly by deleting silly quizzes, things that were more candid than would be prudent here (can’t give everything away, what would I write poems about?), and things that had little to no meaning outside the context of their original audience. I tried to leave the candidness and voice in tact – and that is so hard do when you’re editing 21 from the view of 25. (I imagine some day I’ll feel the same about this post…)

That said, here are some things I’ve leaned while editing my narrative:

1.I mention pizza and hot chocolate so much that I’ve given them their own special tags. (‘pizza obsession’ & ‘hot chocolate is the nectar of the gods,’ respectively.)

2. I talk about my cats a lot. I mean…really a lot.

3. I overuse smiley faces. Really. Am I just that afraid the world will mistake my tone that I must end every dryly humorous thing with yellow happy faces, so as not to offend? (I smile all the time, people. Just picture it in your head.)

4. I do more complaining that I like to admit.

5. I grow steadily less afraid of the sound of my own voice.

One thought on “Moving Day

  1. Woot! I love the sound of your voice, as it grows more and more fearless. I wrote a paper on the feminine dialectic in grad school, positing the theory that we are in the midst of a burgeoning renaissance of men and women (thoroughly dangerous perhaps!) who “struggle against conventional man,” citing Helene Cixous’ “The Laugh of the Medusa.” I called it the parlance. Perhaps the internet is the long-awaited parlor room in which “that which is ours breaks loose,” as she says. May it rain and rain! I look forward to the onslaught.

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