I could just eat you up.

“We’re used to three-layer cake from you…and you brought us a pop-tart.”

“Oh, no…it’s at least toaster struedel.”

Poetry seems to work best, for me, when I am invested enough to feel it and objective enough to laugh at it. But they were not wrong, and I must not write pop-tarts.

Unless of course I write some sort of poem about pastry, which maybe I will do now.

On the subject of food, someone had McDonald’s in class last night. I haven’t had fast food in a very long while and suddenly a Big Mac became, to my opinionated tummy, the most important thing in the world. So I grabbed one on the way home, and couldn’t eat it all. Sometimes the memory of a thing is better than the thing itself. (Except when it comes to French fries. Fries are never not great.)

On the subject of…things that are not food, but equally necessary to (my) life, I am in love with a song. Maybe you will be too.

4 thoughts on “I could just eat you up.

  1. Yes now I too love Death Cab for Cutie. Of course, now I will harass you Monday to teach me how to insert a youtube video.

    But fear IS the heart of love. Or that’s where you put fear is inside that.

    I bet you like Iron & Wine’s Trapeze Swinger….

    Thanks for sharing.

    • YouTube Tutorial, in 30 Seconds or Less:

      1. Go to YouTube video (such as above clip o’ awesome music).
      2. Locate video info box in upper right section of screen.
      3. Somewhere in that box – midway down or thereabouts? – is something that looks like this:
      Copy that.
      4. Paste into blog post.


    • I don’t know if it was my implication at the time, but I think it should be now. 🙂 Perhaps it comes from a musical/vocal background, but I do have favourite words and phrased based solely (soul-ly?) on the way they feel in my mouth. Diction, I have found, is a big deal in my work. I think I like being compared to cake.

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