Importance of Ritual

In her short essay Notes for Young Writers, Annie Dillard writes about a man, a brilliant physicist, who often gets hisb est ideas in the middle of the night. He does not wake, jot down the idea, and quickly return to sleep, as one might when keeping something like a dream journal; instead, he rises from bed, showers, dons a suit, tie, and polished shoes. Only after all of that does he sit down at his desk and write down his new idea.

Dillard says that, when asked why he bothered with all of that, the man said he did it all “in honour of physics.”

What do you honour in your life? How? Is there something you wish you took the time to honour more?

One thought on “Importance of Ritual

  1. Just this morning I washed curly kale greens, carefully trimmed the stalks out, put several handfuls in the blender (I don’t have a food processor) and shredded them to mincemeat. They didn’t all want to chop, so I shoved them toward the propeller with a wooden spoon. Naturally, a big chunk of spoon came flying out. I think this breakfast recipe will not become a ritual. But it was ritualistic in the sense that I have always considered the first meal the most important one of the day. I honor that precarious state of balance in my body that makes me feel like I can take on absolutely anything in the world. Greens seem to help 🙂

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