this is where the story starts

seashoreThings in my little corner are moving apace – summer pace, to be precise. My sleep patterns have gotten a little out of whack; last night I fell asleep at 8 pm, only to find myself awake at 3 am, scrubbing a shower stall. Since the theme of the next four months of my life is (Inner) World Travel, I’m calling the lack of sleep jet lag.

I did indeed accomplish the cleaning and scrubbing of my entire bathroom in the wee hours of the morning, but I hit a snag somewhere around 3:30, when I stood up too quickly in the shower and hit the sliding door handle with my shoulder. I am bruised; the shower door is completely out of its track and won’t close. I’m more likely to break it than to fix it if I make the attempt unaided.

Icky cleaning out of the way, today I got to start the fun part: decorating. The floor is sand-coloured tile, the walls a pale blue; today I made a window valance that drapes like waves and shimmers like sun on water. I have never used starfish as a decorative accessory before. Tomorrow’s list contains bath mats, a fish net, and possibly towels…I’m hoping to bathe in the ocean by the end of the week. I’ll send a postcard.

3 thoughts on “this is where the story starts

  1. My bathroom at home is beach. Starfish decorations… such a good touch! You should add some sea salts to your next bath!

  2. Inner world travel! You are so great. And to have an ocean in your own tub is just smart.

    I’m reading the Autobiography of Yogananda right now. That followed by a sea salt bath would be nice.

    I’ll let you be in my inner world if you let me be in yours–as Dylan says of dreams 🙂

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