3 thoughts on “Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet

  1. Oh wow, that’s gorgeous. One of your favorite parts of summer because you got to see them?

    What a mesmerizing talent. They built a spaceship from a windowsill indeed.

    • One of your favorite parts of summer because you got to see them?

      Alas and if only! But my kitchen(which is freshly painted!) has an Asian theme; I listen to them and eat noodles and pretend I’m Shanghai. 🙂

      It’s one of my favourite parts of summer, though, because finding them was so entirely an accident – if you believe in accidents. Or coincidences. I blame Blas – I went to the main Nashville library for his reading and took advantage of their cd section to find new things. I spied Sparrow Quartet on a shelf of things to be put away just before the reading began and grabbed it because it was a pretty name. What’s the best thing you’ve ever accidentally discovered?

      • Right now, I’d have to say kundalini yoga, because contained in it are ongoing fresh accidental discoveries. For example, on the retreat I discovered that you can change your emotional state at will–just by believing different thoughts. I guess I used to think of that as denial or living in make-believe or something. But you can, say, be sitting in meditation for 62 minutes with your hands over your eyes, thinking about how your arms ache and you can’t possibly keep going. Miserable. Or, you can think wow I’m strong; I’ve got so much energy in my legs, and you feel rooted and good. Neither one is more true as in “factual”. It’s just a matter of focus, perspective and emotional interpretation. And the one who chooses that focus is you, and the one who is affected by it is you. Why not choose and determine your thoughts toward the one that makes you feel good? Because we feel like we don’t deserve it? That’s false humility, because if you feel good, you have more to give.

        That felt like a pretty big accidental discovery–one of those things a thousand people can tell you in a thousand ways, but until you realize it for yourself, you won’t actually change.

        So, maybe the magic of accidental discoveries is that you find them yourself. And what is more fun than surprising yourself?

        You surprise yourself all the time, I know, but can you articulate the difference between discoveries that you volunteered for and discoveries that happened by accident? I mean, does willing yourself toward discovery change the result?

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