Until Tomorrow

So I was catching up on Facebook, reading through friends’ posts, and came across one of those “let’s get to know each other” survey things a friend had filled out. It was comprised of sentences that all started with “I have realized that…” and you were meant to finish them. Things like “I have realized that my body..” or “I have realized that my job…”

About half-way through, I came across: “I have realized that today…is all I have until tomorrow.” 

I had to re-read it several times. It’s one of those thing, I think, that’s so obvious, so basic, that one forgets it.

Recently another friend of mine lost her mother very unexpectedly. Amid the outpouring of sympthy, sorrow, and memories, Kristi reminded us of something her mother always used to say. “Tomorrow is never promised.”

So if all we have until tomorrow is today…and tomorrow is never promised..then all we really have for certain is right now. Each moment is singular and whole unto itself – each moment is a world. Change the moment, change the world.

One thought on “Until Tomorrow

  1. A beautiful sentiment and reminder to be here NOW.

    No excuses.

    Not even–or especially–any that involve not writing it all down. Because when tomorrow gets here, you’ll want evidence that your yesterdays were all well-spent.

    Thanks for posting!

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