Anglo-Saxon Word of the Week: Be-sárgian


Art by David Sweeney.

Art by David Sweeney.


This week’s word is a literal apology – be-sárgian is a verb meaning to lament, wail, mourn, or be sorry for, which may seem a touch dramatic for simply apologising for having missed some words lately, but I felt it suitable.

There was no word last week, and this word’s week is rather truncated, because I’m working on shifting an on-going project to the blog: my Year and a Day photo challenge. On 1 January 2014, I challenged myself to take a photo for every single day of this year. I’ve missed a handful of days so far, and have thus had to come up with a compromise for days on which no photo is taken (I try my best to find a photo taken on the date in question from years past), but by and large the project has turned out to be a pretty eye-opening exploration of what it is I spend all my time doing here.


My goal is to have a new page up and running for the gallery by next week, as well as a shiny new word, so do come back and take a look!

4 thoughts on “Anglo-Saxon Word of the Week: Be-sárgian

  1. These Anglo-Saxon word translations are really neat and fascinating. Am I right in thinking you’re acquainted with the language?

    I’ve been interested in learning Old English and I’m asking like-minded individual’s what it’s like 🙂

    Thanks once again …

    • James,
      Yes, I am acquainted with it – it formed part of my MA study, and I’m translating the poem Judith in different ways for my PhD dissertation. 🙂
      Anglo-Saxon grammar isn’t difficult to pick up, especially if you’re familiar with English or German grammar – I recommend it! Stephen Pollington’s First Steps in Old English is a really great beginner’s guide to the language.

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