day169This week’s word – the last of our September animal series – is delayed this week due to scribal illness, but I have other exciting things to share!

Lo,I have, this very day, while buried in the depths of the Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, completely finished my prose translation of Judith! It’s been a year’s worth of work, painstakingly accomplished alongside dissertation research, conference presentations and travel, various academic workshops, poem writing, poem reading, teaching, and linguistic study – both the process of translating and the actual translation itself have proved invaluable to the poetic adaptation of Judith that I’m creating, and I don’t mind saying that incredibly pleased it’s been completed at last. In celebration, I bring you the ridiculously awesome video below, and a preview of my translation of the prayer Judith prayers before she beheads Holofernes. I’ll speak much more about my adaptation/translation project in April, for National Poetry Month (which is technically a US thing, but I like to remember the customs of my people here in this new land).

 Judith’s Prayer

Creator God                heaven’s guardian
I cry to you            for compassion.
My heart is                     grown heavy,
swollen hot with                      sorrow’s poison.
Give me a charm        for this grief.
What words                              will banish fear?
What herbs will          weaken sorrow?
I have no spell for what                     holds me still.
Holofernes waits like            a hungry wolf —
I must seem like               such easy prey.
He will fall to my                  hand, or I will fall to his:
this is the way of fate.
What I ask of you                           Maker of All,
is only this:
a hero’s mettle, a warrior’s          strength of mind.

….and now for something completely different. 🙂

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