Anglo-Saxon Word of the Week: Greetings!

10553562_10100176996954118_4207795420290634935_nShwmae! Ic gréte eów ealle.

It’s Diwrnod Shwmae/Su’mae here in Cymru – a day when everyone is encouraged to begin every conversation yn Cymraeg. As an English speaker from the United States, I rarely used any other language than English in my daily life; since moving to Wales, my use of multiple languages I use to move through a day has steadily increased. Most of my work day is spent with Anlgo-Saxon (which, as I’m sure you know, or are discovering if you follow the blog, can be a very different animal to contemporary English), and English is still the primary language I communicate in, but lately I increasingly use Welsh to speak to my friends, to greet my colleagues  and hallway-mates in the Welsh department, and even to order food in pubs. The fact that ASWotW and Diwrnod Shwae/Su’mae have fallen on the same day gives us a chance to embrace a little linguistic diversity.

For example – were you to say “Shwmae!” to an Anglo-Saxon, she might answer you back, “Wes þu hál!” (lit., ‘be thou hail’ ). If you wished an Anglo-Saxon a good morning – “Bore da!”, she might wish you “Gódne morgen!” as well.

In further celebration of the Welsh language, and to continue our month-long storytelling theme, here’s a little bit of information about the blog mistress:

Shwmae! Ashley ydw i.  Dwi’n byw yn Aberystwyth, ond dwi’n dod o Dennessee yn wreiddiol. Dwi’n fyfyrwraig ôl-raddedig ym Mhrifysgol Aberystwyth, a dwi’n astudio barddoniaeth Eingl-Sacsonaidd a chyfieithu. Nid Cymraeg mo fy iaith gyntaf, ond dwi’n mwynhau ei dysgu yn fawr iawn! Dros y penwythnos nesaf, ar 25 Hydref, byddaf i’n mynd i Gaergrawnt ar gyfer gŵyl adrodd straeon – gobeithio y gwelaf i chi yno!

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