Had we but books enough and time…

It literally never fails – years of going to school, leaving school, vowing to finally make a dent in that “pleasure reading” book pile now that assigned texts and research questions aren’t directing my every waking moment, and then the inevitable next thing that comes along to steal my hard-earned reading time. Traditionally, the time-thief has been grad school, but after the completion of my PhD last year, I’m a bit maxed out on degrees.

Pictured: actual work!

Sometimes I take a break from work to photograph my work.

And still, no sooner had my book reviews really begun than they had to take a bit of a back seat again – this time, for a new job. Recently, I accepted the position of English-language editor for both adults’ and children’s titles at Gomer Press. It’s been a whirlwind of bus trips, meetings, and backlog reading, but I’m loving it all and starting to settle in – just in time to rush off to my first event in my new professional capacity. Forget Disneyland – Hay-on-Wye during featival week is the happiest place on earth for book people!

This my “waiting on a train” face.

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Expect a return to your (more or less…) regularly scheduled sci-fi/fantasy book reviews post-festival; meanwhile, you can read some of my other recent reviews by checking out the New Welsh Review.

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