the skin you’re in

So, the central idea of the Alexander Technique is kinesthsis: the sense of bodily awareness, both internal and external. Knowing, without too much thought, how your body is working and shifting internally to support you while it is connecting with the outside world. This is fascinating to feel. Try it…take some time, one day, and try to become aware of each and joint,how they turn, what muscles move where. The neck is the centre of the entire body’s balance; if the neck is tense, everything else will be too. The head rests on top of the spine and the neck muscles control it and move it’s meant to sit forward and sligtly upward tilted, to glide away from the spine instead of pulling away from it or settling down into it. The sense of what you can do and how easily and even joyfully you can move when you free up the muscles in your neck is captivating. It’s amazing to think that the body can move freely and without pain, and the only thing seperating humans from a peaceful, feline grace is a forgotten awareness of how our own bodies function.

It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of thikning and noticing and awareness-stretching, but it’s a lot of fun too. It awakens the inner hedonist as well, becoming aware of how each part moves, of the slow slide of muscle over bone, the artless grace of pure movement.

Gain a new appreciation of this skin you inhabit. Have you ever touched your arm with your eyes closed? Try it. Feel all the tiny little hairs stand on end, become aware of each and every one of your own nerve endings till every cell feels alive and tingling. Something so simple as touch can become an act of trust and exploration: let someone else touch you, let someone else’s hands awaken the space you inhabit. Simultaneously narrow and widen your awareness until nothing exists but the pleasure of tactile sensation. Sometimes the modern, Western world view makes sex such a physically localized phenomenon. Why not broaden your horizons, invest a little more than just your genitals and the scant minutes it takes to manipulate a climax? There’s a certain deep pleasure in completely knowing your own body…and a deeper, blissful joy of knowing someone else’s just as well, and with all of your senses.

Not Gonna Get Me

I refuse to feel bad for not rescheduling a 4-5 pm Wednesday evening for 8-9 am Wednesday morning, even though there are no schedule conflicts preventing me from doing so.

Won’t feel guilty.


I’ve been waiting for 2.5 years to take this Alexander Technique course. It’s a one credit hour class that has no set time; it’s schedule is dependent upon both the schedule of the people taking the class and the availability of classom space. There are three of us in the class now; a fourth person has registered, but his schedule seems to be completely at odds with the rest of ours. Hence the 8Am Thursday morning. Well, I’m sorry, Mr. Tight Schedule Guy. I waited almost three years to fit this damn class into my schedule; now it’s your turn to wait.

And I won’t feel guilty about it. Seriously.