ancient humour

So, there’s this ancient German poem – Altrecht wrote it, maybe? – that tells a story of the Holy Grail very similar to Arhurian legends. Like in the Galahad/Gawain legends, Altrecht’s poem puts the Grail inside a palace in a far off, exotic land: specifically, a beautiful, jeweled, circular palace set high on a hill, beside a bottomless lake.

It was dismissed as fiction for centuries because no one knew of or could find evidence of any such a palace — also, they didn’t really know where to look.  But recent (and by recent, I mean in this century) excavations have uncovered such a circular palace in Iran, or, rather, in what used to be Persia. (This would make more sense than you think, given the fact that the Grail is almost as important to the Moslem faith as it was to early Christians. Also, did you know Mary is mentioned more times by name in the Q’ran than in the Bible? I didn’t, but I digress.)

So, they found this circular castle in Persia. It’s circular. Once upon a time, when it wasn’t encrusted in dirt and grime, it was covered in marble and gold and jewels. It rests beside what would once have been a very deep lake. It is also on a hill – a mound that held the castle, a fire-temple, and a small town. It’s called the Mountain of Shiz.

No, really.

Can anyone else mentally think the sentence “The Holy Grail might be located atop the mountain of Shiz!” and not guffaw like a ten yeard old?

meine liede…

Cold. Coldcoldcold. The exam was supposed to last from 8-10; I was done before 9. Which is good, because it gave me time to realize I’d forgotten my thesis paper, panic, realize that I had numerous copies saved to my email and could easily print thing from any computer anywhere on campus and be fine, and nearly passed out from the wave of calm and relief that I would not have to drive home, get the thing, and come all the way back. Whew.

(What’s funny is that printing it here was my original plan anyway, I just printed yesterday because I thought it would make things easier. Ha.)

So now I have to wait around for an hour, go sing for a room full of professors, turn in the paper, and haul my frozen self home. Looking very much forward to Doctor Who and food with friends tonight. Someone mentioned a few weeks ago wanting to see a fifth doctor episode and I have been raving Peter Davison and his crazy cricket gear ever since.

Tummy is starting to remind me that I did not eat breakfast. Maybe I can dig up some cocoa along the way…

That Thesis Paper? Due at the end of the week. Not finsihed. But wait! Before you condemn to the special hell reserved for procrastinators, it was left purposely – and only marginally – unfinished. I thrive on deadlines. The paper I turn in Friday will be so much better than it would be had I finished the thing weeks ago, like I could have, simply because of that last-minute adrenaline rush and surge of linguistic brilliance. Knowing this, I planned in advance to leave the bulk of my most important outline point and the final edit for this week. Rarrrr. I’m excited. 

(It should be noted that I am not always anywhere near this organized. Granted, I do wait till the last minute to write just about everything, and yes, they do, on average, turn out pretty great…but this is generally due just plain putting things off, not because I planned it that way. 🙂