Autumn in Aber

campus selfie

Awkward campus selfie!

My very first day in Aberystwyth was, by design, the very first day of autumn in 2012. I wanted that connection between my favourite time of year and my new home, and the longer I’m here, the more I’m glad I have it. Autumn has always seemed to me an ideal time for reflection — the air at night starts getting cooler, the days get shorter, the sun is a slightly altered shade of gold and slants a bit lower in the sky. Everything feels slower during that long slide into winter.

Every year around the first day of autumn, there’s a food fayre in Aber – and may I just say, any town that lets me celebrate my anniversary in it with good food is a place I want to stay for a good, long while.

Thanks for staying, have some food!

Thanks for staying, have some food!

Aside from stocking up on fresh veg and local honey and more homemade cheese that any one person should really need (I swear I don’t eat it all myself…),I like to play a little game while I’m walking around town on food fayre a day, to see if I can find the perspective of the Me of that first year when everything was new and strange, and hold it in my head next to how I feel now.

Not pictured: so much cheese.

Not pictured: so much cheese.

My little town sometimes makes me frustrated, and sometimes sad, but I like that each new year starts with things that make me focus -the same event I go to each year, the same torrent of students piling into town before Freshers Week, the same noise and bustle of a town shaking itself awake after summer’s quiet, sleepy heat. I see this place the way I saw it then, all chaos and colour, and love it just much –  more, even, because I am home. Because I am settled. Because these little moments of joy are my routine.


What’s this time of year like where you are? Is the weather changing? Does your daily routine alter, or do you plod along, same as ever? What would your September look like in pictures?


Have you ever noticed how even on grey autumn mornings – maybe especially on the gray mornings – how even though the sky is dark, the colour of the trees makes the air glow orange and gold?

Maybe it’s just me.


My brain keeps trying to tell me it’s Friday, and I keep trying to argue with it. I hope I win, I’d rather not be surprised when I have to wake up tomorrow morning.

Good Friday

The tables were turned this morning: John got to stay snuggly and warm in the bed while I got up early, scraped ice off my car, and schlepped myself to work to get blood drawn. It’s amazing, I got the bloodwork done at 7:45 this morning, and I already have my restults back. Granted it was just cholesterol/metabolic stuff. My first every cholesterol test, I’m glad everything looks so good.

This cold weather is absolute madness, but I’m going to take advantage of it. Tonight we’re going to turn out the lights, make popcorn, don some comfy pajamas, and watch Something Wicked This Way Comes, which I’ve never seen. And tomorrow there is talk of pumpkin carving.